Throttle Therapy

Our experienced instructors guide you through a variety of exciting performance driving exercises behind the wheel of our powerful Dodge SRT vehicles.

Throttle Therapy Overview


Course fundamentals:

– Performance driving exercises
– Improve maneuvering skills
– Enhanced hazard perception
– Optimal race lines, brake points, & cornering skills

Race Track

Course specs:

– Timed autocross
– Accident avoidance
– Lead & follow
– Hot lap thrill rides

A Taste of What We Do

8AM – NOON | ONLY $499


During our timed autocross racing sessions, you will be navigating one of our courses against the clock to see if you have what it takes to be the track champion. Autocross enhances your precision driving skills behind the wheel of one of our powerful dodge SRTs.


Developing accident avoidance skills is as important for track driving as it is on the road, keeping you safer whenever you drive. Accident avoidance sessions enhance your ability to avoid and respond to potential hazards on the track and on the road.

& Follow

Our lead & follow throttle therapy sessions reveal the secrets of our track, giving you a full understand of how to push our cars harder and faster through corners and flat-out straights. Follow one of our instructors to learn proper racing lines, braking points, and driving technique.

Hot Lap
Thrill Rides

Experience the thrill of our race-tuned cars as one of our drivers takes you around our race track, pushing limits & burning rubber. A hot lap experience demonstrates the optimal race lines, braking points, and cornering skills for you to apply in future race sessions.

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Here’s What Our Students Are Saying!

Based on 356 reviews
This was AMAZING. Rob, Christian, Spencer, you guys are amazing. Thanks for one of the most fun and memorable experiences of my life. The instruction was top notch, great facility, teaching style and overall program. Fantastic! Thank you. I can’t express enough how much it means to be able to do something like this with my son, and you made it that much better. Thank you!
Such an incredible experience! I learned so much and am more confident handling a car at high speeds. I learned more about using the brakes and a gas pedal. Fantastic and wise instructors and top notch cars and facility. It was a blast and I can’t wait to come back, I highly recommend!!
I attended the Dodge SRT experience a few weeks ago and it was a top notch experience. More fun than an amusement park. The staff were awesome. I’m looking forward to booking another class.
I just finished the SRT Experience this past weekend, and I can sum it up with one word; AWESOME. The professionalism of the staff and instructors is...
My son and I both attended the 4 Day GT Road Racing course and it was absolutely awesome! The entire experience was first class and the Instructors (BJ & Rob primary for us) and staff were terrific. We're blown away by the amount of track time and intensity. If there's a better way to spend a few days with your son, I don't know it. We'll be back ASAP!Ken
Cameron was extremely helpful to get my son comfortable with the vehicles!
I definitely recommend Radford racing school... you'll will learn how to use a high performance vehicles in a safe environment.. the instructors are...
2 phenomenal f4 days at Radford. If you are a motorsports fan or enthusiast, I could not more highly recommend this school and their instructors. Thank you to Spencer and Rob for all the feedback and encouragement to push closer towards the limit!
2 phenomenal f4 days at Radford. If you are a motorsports fan or enthusiast, I could not more highly recommend this school and their instructors. Thank you...
Wow what a great time! Lead and follow on the track was amazing. Instructors were super friendly and helpful. The cars were so fun to drive. Will...
ust got back from my 4 day Radford Racing School. I wish that there was such a thing as a 6 star review because if there was I would give it.From the first minute I contacted Radford every aspect of the process was easy to navigate, well organized and thoughtfully designed.The Course : I have seen other racing training programs and to be honest most really are more of a "let's give someone an experience of being in a fast car on a track" . There's typically some classroom discussion, some materials handed out and then the students are strapped into fast cars and sent out on the track. After a couple of hours they are given a t-shirt and a graduation certificate/photo of them in the car and sent on their way.This is NOT the Radford approach ... they start the students with basic exercises that demonstrate how a vehicle handles, why tires grip and how to use the Physics and Tires to make a car do what you want it do. From this ground up approach the students then are able to put the theories into practice through a series of drills. These drills , when strung together, give the student once they go out onto the track the basic skills to begin to understand how a car can be made to handle so it does do what a race car is supposed to do. As I have learned this is so much more than just trying to "DRIVE FAST" on a windy road.The Facility : It's first rate. It's a campus not merely a couple of buildings set on the edge of a race track. The cars...perfect..not a ding, scratch and expertly maintained. The offices and classrooms comfortable, modern and first class.The People : Again...unparalleled. I was fortunate enough to have the majority of my training with the Chief Instructor ..Danny. What a superstar.Knowledgable, thoughtful, funny and able to communicate abstract concepts in a comprehensible fashion. Led by Danny the emphasis with every student always is on safety, building on your skills , giving the student confidence to progress and making sure that the experience is the best possible. Note: You can often judge a business by their employees and their length of service within the organization. Every Instructor I met had been with the school for many years. However every Instructor was enthusiastic, excited about sharing their knowledge and loved teaching.When I left the school after 4 days I really felt not only that I had learned more than I ever thought I could but as if I was leaving a group of friends who had made time to give me one of the coolest experiences of my life.I am already planning to coming back for more schooling in one of the advanced classes and have contacted two friends recommending the school.In conclusion all I can end with is "Thank you to everyone at Radford."
Just got back from my 4 day Radford Racing School. I wish that there was such a thing as a 6 star review because if there was I would give it. From the...
3 of 4 kids have attended the teen driving course. Both parents attended the high performance driving course. Will change the way you drive. Gives the kids confidence. Teaches you to understand the way the car moves and react correctly. Plus it is lots of fun.
very good service. bj was a great instructor
Great racing school and instructors. Process was very easy to go through and a very fun and exciting experience at the track.
Wow! Wow! Wow! 5 stars across the board. Facility, staff, instructors, cars and memories that will last a lifetime. We did the intro to F4 3 day and our instructor Will was so awesome. Knowledgeable, communicative, friendly, patient and encouraging! I’d give 10 stars if I could.
My son and I attended the 4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing Course last year (2023) and had such a great experience that we were back again earlier this year (2024) for the 3-Day Advanced Road Racing Class. I appreciate Radford's focus on car control that enables speed on the track and safety on the street. All of the instructors are fantastic. Thank you William Hawkins for your attentive instruction and sharing insights that improve driving skills.Smiles all around!
All I can say is....Wow!!!!! Top notch experience from minute one. Everyone is so friendly and professional. Our instructors Will totally connected with...
Had the best date and most special place.I got my Christmas gift, and my wish came true.
Awesome day racing and learning with my pals! 🏎️
Excellent customer service
Attended the 4 day GT Road Racing course - what an experience! The class was composed of mixed ages (15-60+) and experience (I was the novice - lots of autocross and racing enthusiasts). The instructors (Will, William and BJ) are top notch and met everyone where they were, provided great skill training and in-car instruction, and made sure everyone advanced their skills. They know their stuff and are willing to share. I can't recommend highly enough - if you are interested, stop right now, pull up the website and register for a class. You will not be disappointed. I'm already looking to schedule my next class for Advanced Road racing.
Signed up for the 2-day HPD training and noticed a markedly improved comprehension and handling given that they covered many aspects of Car control. Real time feedback and experienced instructors.Worth the wait
Great experience, instructors are very personable and give you real time feedback.Great value for the money, would recommend
My daughter and I recently went to their 3 day high performance driving school. We had more fun and learned so much. Cant wait to go back for more classes. It is worth every penny Highly recommend going, to learn racing or just to become a better driver.
I begrudgingly agreed to attend the two day high performance class with my husband. I love to watch racing. I do not like to go fast. But I knew how much my husband wanted to do this and have the shared experience. Holy cow, am I glad I'm willing to put aside my anxiety and try new things. This was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. BJ and Rob were incredible instructors and Christine was so helpful too. I don't know exactly what I expected the class to be, but I sure didn't anticipate learning that you use brakes to go fast, that the control of the car is all about balance, and that I now have the SRT Hellcat on my wish list should I ever win the lottery. Thanks to everyone at Radford for such a fun, exhilerating, and at the same time incredibly practical two days of instruction and driving practice.
Amazing school for teens. 2 of 4 have completed Radford teen class. The other two will be here when they hit 16. Gives the kids confidence in their driving, defensive driving skills, and an insurance discount. Worth every penny.
Super informative!! The history and tenure of the team speaks volumes. Absolutely a blast.Thanks Danny and the crew!!
Completed the 3 day performance school with a couple of family members.Most of the time is spent in the car completing exercises and also on the track.The instructors are awesome and very knowledgeable and added value to the experience.I would recommend Radford to any car enthusiasts.
I went here for the 4 day grand prix road racing class. It was so much fun, educational, and I got a ton of seat time.
Incredible experience! I took the 3 day GPR course, and had a blast. I learned more than I ever thought I could.Would highly recommend!Ask for instructor BJ, he has an amazing teaching philosophy and is a really cool guy. I hope to be back soon!
Awesome experience...intense, challenging, and a ton of fun!
Just completed the two day high performance class at Radford and it was amazing. The instructors, William, Spencer and Rob were truly world class. They explained the concepts easily and then watched us practice them in the car. This was an on track, in car experience. Class room time was kept to a minimum. The cars the Hellcats were fun to drive and I have a new appreciation of Dodge and the Performance team at Dodge. A great time and it made me a better driver.
My Son and I took the SRT Performance Driving Course. It was AMAZING. It was more of a Driving Experience...It Began with a sort of class room Listen, and Learn which took about 45 min- 1hr. Then it was out to the Cars. You spend the rest of the day at these little Satellite stations out doors with the instructors learn different aspects of Driving. So they Teach, and You Do. Over and Over throughout the Day. The Entire Time Absorbing More, and More Knowledge along the Way while Smiling as You are Ripping the cars around on the Different Courses. It is a Full Day of Driving Excitement while you are applying what You've learned.These Instructors are Extremely Skilled, Friendly, and Educated.Go and Take the Driving Experience You will Not be Disappointed.
Response from the owner: Peter, thank you so much for you kind review! We're thrilled to hear you and your son had a great time. We'll see you soon!
We did a group event and it was the best RACING experience you will ever have. We spent 6 hours here and learned so much on safety, basics to advanced racing skills and so much in such a little time. The instructors made it easy and fun to learn fast. The Dodge SRTs were so much fun to drive. I’ve done many different racing experiences but nothing comes close to this track. Thank you for such a great time.
Fantastic experience, awesome, friendly instructors. Would definitly recommend.
Awesome cars and amazing staff
Amazing experience going through the one day course with my dad. Spencer was thorough and detailed each step of the way to ensure we enjoyed ourselves and maximized our time. Would absolutely recommend to anyone considering!
I have gone through the 1 day and 3 day HPDE at Radford. And I have made an appointment to go for the 4 day experience. Hands down this is the best decision I’ve made by going here. Although it is a little expensive just know its worth every penny. The instructors are all very experienced with most of them, having decades of time behind the wheel as an instructor. Everyone at the facility is very nice and welcoming. But in all honesty the things you are taught here and the things you pick up on are way more valuable than any power mod could be for your car. For those with High HP cars this school can teach you how to effectively and efficiently use all of that power.
I recently completed the Two Day Advanced Racing course, and it was excellent! The most amount of seat time I’ve ever had at a racing school. The Challenger Hellcat, while ridiculously heavy for a track application, was an excellent learning tool. The Challenger amplified all of my inputs, and was rewarding and fun at the same time. My instructor, B.J., provided excellent on track, and off track coaching supported by data analysis of my laps. Overall, would highly recommend!
What a great experience and a fantastic crew! Highly recommended
Very welcoming staff, they provided the entire family with complimentary snacks and drinks. Over all very enjoyable experience. Cute clothes as well!!
My first visit was in 1999 when it was Bob Bondurant school of Racing. I’ve come back in 2021 and now July 2023 to have my kids take the teenager 3 day class. Every time we’ve had a great time and the instructors very friendly and knowledgeable, some have been with the school over 20 years!. I can say these classes have made all of us better drivers and I feel my kids are safer out in the road, now they don’t want anyone driving them since they understand fully how a driver can make all the difference in a bad situation. Worth every $.
The trainers are very knowledgeable and helpful. The cars are exciting, fun and fast... a total must do experience. Would totally go back.
Had a fabulous time at the school. Very informative and educational. Thank you
Amazing experience! Instructors have lots of information and the cars are crazy fun!!
I just got back from Radford Racing School. My 19 year old son and myself completed the 2 day High Performance Driving School and we could not be happier with our experience. We had so much fun we are planning on doing the 4 day Grand Prix Road Racing (SCCA) class next. Our instructor Rob was fantastic, he was very encouraging and a great teacher. You can tell that he loves his job, and it showed with the smile on his face and his attitude. These courses will teach you the points of car control, and will help anyone become a better driver. There are aspects to this course that I actually believe that should be taught to every driver before hitting the road. Especially if you have any kind of high performance vehicle I strongly suggest investing in yourself as a driver. So often we invest thousands in our car to make it faster or handle better, when what we need is some training on how to really use our vehicle. Ever see the out of control mustang? These classes will keep you from becoming a meme. I am also planning on taking my wife and daughter with me for the course. I am also trying to talk my sister into sending my niece who is afraid to drive in the snow. These courses will make you more confident, a better driver and they are a blast! I cannot express enough of my gratitude for the experience we had. Note that there are times of the year where you can get discounts, just ask Tommy when you call. Everyone was so kind and just a joy to be around.
I just got back from Radford Racing School. My 19 year old son and myself completed the 2 day High Performance Driving School and we could not be happier...
I attended the SRT Experience on May 26, 2023 and I had the most fun I've had since I can remember. FANTASTIC instructors, awesome Hellcat Redeye's, and super friendly staff. It hasn't been a week, and I'm already trying to figure out how and when I'm going back. I highly recommend!
This was such an exciting experience... the excitement built as soon as we started to drive down the road. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.
The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and made everything fun. I learned a lot and am definitely planning on going back!
I could not be happier with the experience I had attending the 4 day Grand Prix training. After completing the school my car control abilities have significantly increased. My instructor Danny was extremely knowledgeable and patient. I can’t wait to comeback and take the advanced class. The accommodations and staff at Radford are second to none.
I could not be happier with the experience I had attending the 4 day Grand Prix training. After completing the school my car control abilities have...
What an amazing experience with great instructors. We would highly recommend the 4 day GPR class!3 days learning great new skills in a hellcat then...
Super fun and the staff are very nice. Highly recommended. The best part is the autocross.
My husband bought me a Dodge Hellcat last year for my birthday. This year, for my birthday, he bought me a 3 day driving course at Radford Racing School!...

Throttle Therapy – FAQs

Throttle Therapy at Radford Racing School is an intensive 4-hour driving experience for racing fanatics. During your session with us, you will be guided through a series of exciting performance-driving activities by our experienced instructors.

Throttle Therapy is designed for those who have a passion for race driving, and want to head straight to the track for maximum adrenaline-fueled action. We make sure your day includes as much track time as possible so by the end of your session you’ll be a better race driver and won’t be able to stop smiling!

Throttle Therapy sessions have different activities each time to keep them as interesting and as new as possible. This means you will have a different experience every time you come and visit us. Your throttle therapy session could including evasive manoeuvres, times autocross, pro karting and lead & follow track sessions, plus loads more.
Up to 48 students can participate in a throttle therapy session, providing an engaging and enriching experience for everyone involved.
Throttle Therapy lasts from 8am until noon. We will also provide light refreshments throughout your time with us to keep your energy levels up.
All safety equipment will be provided; however students must wear closed-toe shoes to be able to participate in this 4-hour experience.
Yes, students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion.

Throttle Therapy is the ultimate stress-relieving, adrenaline-fuelled, track experience, only at Radford Racing School. Enjoy 4 hours of throttle therapy at the wheel of some of the most powerful Dodge SRT cars on our legendary racetrack in Arizona. If you need to let off some steam, this is the experience for you – and with new activities each session, you can keep coming back every time you need a bit of Throttle Therapy.

What You’ll You Do On The Day

Throughout your throttle therapy racing experience, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a variety of high-speed, adrenaline-fuelled race activities. Test your skills as you maneuver through our complex timed autocross course or enhance your hazard perception skills during high-performance accident avoidance.

Our race instructors will be there to guide you as you progress through a variety of exciting performance driving exercises behind the wheel of our most powerful Dodge SRT performance vehicles. Nothing beats the feeling of our high-performance throttle therapy!

Light refreshments will be served.

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