Radford Racing School and Sunbelt Rentals Announce Two-Year Sponsorship Agreement

CHANDLER, Ariz.. (October 4, 2023) – Radford Racing School, the nation’s foremost driving and racing school, and Sunbelt Rentals, North America’s premier equipment rental company, today announced a two-year sponsorship between the two companies. Sunbelt Rentals offers diverse equipment for commercial, industrial, residential and municipal industries. The sponsorship provides Radford Racing School with greater access to Sunbelt Rentals’ extensive selection of equipment in exchange for specialized employee driver training and unique group programs.

“We’re excited to welcome Sunbelt Rentals to the Radford Racing School family,” said Kim Wolfkill, Radford Racing School vice president of sales and marketing. “Sunbelt Rentals’ success in building one of the nation’s most respected brands perfectly aligns with our commitment to being the premier performance-driving destination in the country.”

As part of the sponsorship, Radford Racing School will feature the Sunbelt Rentals logo prominently on its fleet of more than 80 performance vehicles, as well as prominent track and facility signage across the school’s 450-acre campus. Sunbelt Rentals will partner with Radford Racing to provide select team members with driver training opportunities.

“We’re thrilled to promote our brand through our new sponsorship agreement with Radford Racing School,” said Sean Perseo, Ambassador of Outreach Programs, Sunbelt Rentals. “As two organizations with a passion for exceptional performance and continuous improvement, we are confident that this is an excellent opportunity for both.”

Sunbelt Rentals joins other sponsors that have signed on with Radford Racing School in the past year, including Stanadyne, Goodyear, the Petersen Museum, and Mecum Auctions.

About Radford Racing School

Founded in 1968, the Radford Racing School, located in Chandler, Ariz., is the only purpose-built driver training facility for performance enthusiasts and the largest driver training center of its kind in the world. It is also the Official High-Performance Driving School of Dodge SRT. The school maintains over 80 race-prepared vehicles, sedans, SUVs, open-wheel formula cars, and gas-powered go-karts. For more information about the school, visit www.RadfordRacingSchool.com or call (480) 403-7600.

About Sunbelt Rentals

We MAKE IT HAPPEN! With a passionate team of 19,000 rental experts, a growing network of more than 1,200 locations, and an extensive equipment fleet that exceeds $13 billion, Sunbelt Rentals helps professionals and do-it-yourselfers get things done. With a highly diversified offering of equipment, solutions, and services available, we assist customers throughout North America extend their capabilities, complete projects on time, and handle times of crisis. No matter if you are in commercial, industrial, residential or municipal industries, we are constantly advancing the idea of what an equipment company can do for its customers. Visit sunbeltrentals.com to find out what we can do for you.

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