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Jacksonville, North Carolina and Chandler, Arizona – May 16, 2023 – Stanadyne, a leading global fuel and air management systems supplier, announced today that it has become an official sponsor Radford Racing School, the world’s premier driving and racing school.

Using the Arizona-based high performance driving school as a test facility, Stanadyne will develop advanced performance-boosting fuel delivery systems and aftermarket products for specialty vehicles. Radford Racing School’s legendary racetrack will set the backdrop for the company’s prototype testing that will include high-pressure and high-flow fuel pumps, injectors, and systems. Radford will promote Stanadyne products within the automotive enthusiast community and at its Chandler, Arizona, motorsports facility.

“We’re excited about this partnership with Radford Racing School and the opportunity to engage with high-performance and specialty vehicle enthusiasts,” said Ed Flanagan, Stanadyne Director of Global Business Development and Sales. “The racetrack, with its 50-year history of training some of the world’s top racers, will be the perfect location to develop new products to serve the automotive performance market.”

Stanadyne and Radford’s first collaborative test product will be a Port Fuel Injection Hemi Engine Boost Kit. This specialty aftermarket-installed fuel delivery system is designed to increase fuel injection pressure up to 50 bar and is projected to boost horsepower output up to 20 percent, while reducing emissions by 15 percent, on select Dodge SRT models, including the Demon 170.

Stanadyne currently supplies the fuel rail assembly on the new Dodge Demon. The assembly consists of fuel rails, injectors, and sensors, and is ethanol-complaint. The Demon runs on E85 ethanol-rich fuel and premium gasoline.

Radford Racing School provides all Demon owners with a free driving experience exclusively designed to teach drivers how to get the most out of their new SRT vehicle.

“We look forward to innovating with Stanadyne and having ‘powered-by-Stanadyne’ cars that maximize the experience for our guests,” said Danny Bullock, chief instructor at Radford Racing School.

Stanadyne is one of several sponsors that have signed on with Radford Racing School in the past year, joining new sponsors Goodyear, the Petersen Museum, and Mecum Auctions.

About Stanadyne

Stanadyne designs, manufactures, and remanufactures fuel delivery systems and components for gasoline and diesel engines, as well as low-carbon alternative fuels. Founded in 1873, the company specializes in pioneering technology for engines that move our world and remanufactured components that help keep them operating efficiently. The company provides customers with customized design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions from its United States, China, Italy, India, and United Arab Emirates locations in partnership with its global aftermarket service dealers and distributor network. For more information, visit

About Radford Racing School

Founded in 1968, the Radford Racing School, located in Chandler, Ariz., is the only purpose-built driver training facility for performance enthusiasts and the largest driver training center of its kind in the world. It is also the Official High Performance Driving School of Dodge SRT. The school maintains over 80 race-prepared vehicles, sedans, SUVs, and open wheel formula cars, as well as gas-powered go-karts. For more information about the school, visit or call (480) 403-7600.

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