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CHANDLER, Arizona – May 1, 2024Radford Racing School, the nation’s foremost driving and racing school, announced today an exclusive sponsorship with Borla Performance Industries as the Official Exhaust System Supplier for the Arizona-based high performance driving school.  Borla Exhaust will be featured on the school’s fleet of performance Dodge//SRT vehicles as well as other select cars.

“We’re excited to welcome Borla to the Radford Racing School family as our Official Exhaust System Supplier,” said Chuck Sundstrom, General Manager of Radford Racing School. “Borla shares our same commitment to exhilarating high performance racing and driving experiences that have been the hallmark of our school for over 50 years. With the fleet Borla equipped, the driving experience for the participant will be amplified, allowing the driver to utilize all their senses in the driving experience. Sound is a major component in allowing the driver and car to become one and perform at the maximum level in determining shift points and feel RPM changes that occur in performance driving. The systems’ ability to decrease back pressure and increase exhaust flow will unlock some additional performance for our students.”

The sponsorship also utilizes the purpose-built racetrack for research and development of Borla products.  An exclusive Borla livery will be featured on one of the Dodge SRT Demon Challengers used in the drag racing course.

“As the Official Exhaust System Supplier of Radford Racing School, Borla will have access to the Radford staff of drivers and car builders, as well as the racetrack, for the ever-evolving research and development of Borla’s technologies,” said David Borla, CMO at Borla.  “Our sponsorship with Radford Racing School is the perfect collaboration of two organizations that are committed to the performance driving experience at a world-class level. Since 1978, we’ve been advancing the design and manufacture of aerospace grade exhaust systems utilizing patented performance technologies. We can’t wait to bring our innovative technology to Radford Racing School and collaborate with the Radford team on offering a new level of sound and performance for their students.”


About Radford Racing School

Founded in 1968, the Radford Racing School, located in Chandler, Ariz., is the only purpose-built driver training facility for performance enthusiasts and the largest driver-training center of its kind in the world. It is also the Official High-Performance Driving School of Dodge//SRT. The school maintains over 80 race-prepared vehicles, sedans, SUVs, open-wheel formula cars, and gas-powered go-karts. For more information about the school, visit or call (480) 403-7600.

About Borla Performance

Borla Performance Industries is the pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhaust. The number “78” on our race team vehicles pays homage to the year 1978, when we began by building exhaust systems for Rolls-Royce and Ferrari concours classics. Since that day over four decades ago, we have evolved into the premier exhaust brand of today’s most popular cars and trucks. For more information visit

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